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    In early 2011 SUPRAMECA will market a new concept of innovative multi-purpose tool, the SupraHydra.

    This new generation compact and lightweight (less than 5 kg) autonomous portable tool has a great working capacity. The SupraHydra is capable to operate in emergency conditions and in extreme environments.

    Adapted to the land environment, it is also capable of operating underwater up to 150 m deep and up to 2000 m for the ROV assisted version.

    Its elaborate design gives it an ambidextrous ergonomic grip and stable in all situations, particularly when conditions are critical for the safety of operators.


    The SupraHydra meets a wide range of applications thanks to its modular design incorporating a power generation module and interchangeable work head to the specific situation.
    With the power generation module, the SupraHydra is able to do twelve consecutive operations without reloading. The power generation module reloading is fast and can be done without resurfacing for underwater applications.

    The SupraHydra integrates intelligent energy management module to eliminate, if necessary, surplus of energy remaining during operation.

    Among possible applications:
    - Cable or composite large cross-section cutting, up to 70 mm of diameter,
    - Various shapes and sections steel element cutting,
    - Cable or metal elements crimping,
    - Tightening and loosening of large shock screw connections,
    - Strength metallic structure  gaping.

    Among sectors concerned by the SupraHydra:
    - Emergency response for the rescue of accident victims,
    - Earthquakes victim assistance,
    - Emergency repair and maintenance of high and medium voltage lines
    - Underwater port and offshore works,
    - Submarine and deep sea operations,
    - Acrobatic works,
    - Special police forces and army operations.

    SupraHydra is the acronym of: Supra for
    SUPRAMECA and Hydra for the Greek mythological water serpent with multiple heads.



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